At Kolya the affairs, and presence

At Kolya the affairs, and presence They to it are uninterestin it does not occupy, who they are that do here, in a room.

At Kolya the affairs, and presence of these strangers no more than an annoying hindrance, to it after all it is necessary to be engaged, it the darling brought the book about Potap, and Romain too for some reason rushes about, there is no it nearby on a habitual place.

And that they here were So it was always good silently, quietly.

Having come to filming in a magnificent striped sweater, connected the grandmother and put on for the first time, Kolya sits down on a sofa, pulls out from book package, writingbook, our selfmade abcbook.

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When I asked

When I asked And towering over egoism, a system over it an altruistic superstructure, we rise above the nature and hundred people.

In the nature there is no level of people.

As to the psychologist it is known to you, and biolo and geneticists will confirm it.

The person is that ourselves create in ourselves.

Therefore stages of development of the person in each of us are very interesting.

When I asked the teacher about this possibility, he answered Yes, hundred in brief to write down the main finds in itself.

It will give the chance to you to learn better than.

Then you will see that you passed in a year or some years.

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Their learning

Their learning Many children with pleasure learn verses and willingly on time tell them to relatives and acquaintances.

It is fine mode of work with difficult words.

Repeating verses, children repeatedly these words say, and your task to watch that they told them everything more purely and more purely.

The more verses, the better.

Their learning is useful in all relations.

We do not imagine, as it is possible to raise and train the child without books.

And when it is a question of training of the child with a Down syndrome, work over the book gains absolutely special value and borrows in this process special place.

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From a year

From a year Bed of the child,in an ideal, should stand in a separate room.

If MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONit is impossible, it is necessary to fence off its bed a screenor curtain.

Probably, the child will cry,but, having seen that nobody reacts, will calm down.

It is important to keep from a temptation to enter into the nursery,to check, whether all with it as it should be.

Then duringseveral days the kid will cry ever lessalso will gradually get used to go to bed in the certaintime.

From a year to three years independence and activity.

The oneyearold kid already starts to realizeitself, the desires and aspirations.

It begins more oftento speak no on proposals of adults.

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From the moment

From the moment Here poche Review of numerous researches in this areaHotellin B.

, & Humenick, S.

Advancing normal birth Organizations,goals, and research.

Journal of Perinatal Education, , it is so important, that, despite difficulties, mother passed this process consciously as far as it is possible.

From the moment of the birth the baby should exist out of mother, turning in more and more independent individuality.

At the same time, for optimum development to it at to get to refuse this independence, again and again coming back to a parent breast to receive from it all physical and mental components necessary for it in the first years of life.

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