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I arrive so in all similar

I arrive so in all similar And here when invented by it the scheme, the main framework , I start to set to it questions why the birthday man did not begin to blow itself on candles that presented to it Vanya, what else there were gifts.

I arrive so in all similar cases whether the child dictates the letter or the diary, whether tells own fairy tale let at first as follows will retell the main matter.

Otherwise both my questions, and its answers everything will roll in an incoherent speech stream.

Vanya with grandmother Tamila and the aunt Veronica went to France and visited Lourdes a curative Lurdsky source a pilgrimage place disabled people from all over the world.

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St WEEK Clothes

St WEEK Clothes Yogurt can play an important role as an intermediate product upon transition from liquid food to more dense.

For achievement of salutary result it is not so obligatory to give to the kid yogurt in large numbers.

Several teaspoons simple not enriched fruit, starch, sugars yogurt in day will be quite enough.

Try, maybe, the kid will like this product.

st WEEK Clothes on a case of cold weather For walks during cold weather the warm winter jacket is necessary to the child.

The winter jacket should have a hood which is clasping under a chin.

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Years At this

Years At this Make together plans for holiday, instead of solve everything in an individual order.

The teenager receives a vote in such discussions.

Mutual respect, the attentive relation to thoughts and representations is very important point during this period.

Together with a vote as the adult, the teenager receives both adult loading and responsibility.

From it now as from the adult equal in rights, all members of the family expect and demand performance of a certain activity and care of the house and an economy.

years At this age in a brain there is a clear split of visual zones of the right and left hemispheres.

The right eye starts to collect information, and percent transfer it perekrestno in the left half of a brain.

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On walk when

On walk whenCan use for this purpose a cradle or a carriage.

The kachaniye as they help to relax are necessary for kids and favorably influence formation of system of adaptation, help to balance a vestibular mechanism.

Many kids perfectly fall asleep in a shaking carriage.

On walk when the carriage jumps up and it is shaken on all hummocks and roughnesses, the kid feels excellently and peacefully sleeps, snuffling.

It is necessary to you to stop, the kid wakes up.

From a year to two yearsAge features of children of the second year of life The child of this age masters a mimicry.

He will watch closely expression of faces of surrounding adults and to try to imitate of.

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Moreover, it becomes

Moreover, it becomes On the contrary, all these parts incorporate for children in a single whole which life is called.

So day after day ucheni find knowledge of the world and of, really razviva and enjoying each step on this way.

Probably, the beginning of this seems to you utopian, odes I on a personal experience can testify when before us the real, integral model vosa food appears, we suddenly find out that nevozmozhthe foot in it is not present anything.

Moreover, it becomes clear that we can, and in fact, should build such future for our children.

Allow me to develop before you a picture of education what it are seen by an integrated technique, – education, kotoa swarm will really prepare children for happy life.

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