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When we come

When we come Coming back home, they do not cry now, and sing and with pleasure tell me about how passed day.

The first that shook me it is a request of teacher Mag that I bought daughters pair of rubber boots and brought in school a set of replaceable clothes.

When I asked why, the teacher answered We often go to walk on the nature, and I got used to allow to potter to children in pools.

Thus they are soiled.

When we come back to a class, kids need to change clothes.

Really someone allows my child to be a child The following shock expected me, when nineyear son Nat approached to me and with burning eyes declared Mother, all children in my class same as I, and I play with all! Big business! you will tell, and for me these words sounded as marvelous music for at old school on this boy constantly hung up offensive labels, avoided it, boycotted and let know that it is worse than others.

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To it did not suffice

To it did not suffice And here hundred times one and the same you drive in and any effect! Does not consult.

The child consulted the teacher did not consult.

To it did not suffice patience and knowledge.

It trains children according to once and for all fulfilled scheme.

But we should not adjust the child to system, what fine it was.

On the contrary, we focus system specifically on each pupil, in particular if it is the child with a Down syndrome.

Training is process, it lasts in time.

For the child with a syndrome Down is not present and there can not be concrete terms.

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If the kid was interested

If the kid was interested Help the kid to hold a cup and watch how he drinks.

If the kid was interested by process and he willingly tries to master it, give the chance to it to practise daily this difficult business for it.

Remember that it is not necessary to be zealous excessively.

Do not try to give to the child from a cup the decanted chest milk or a nutritious mix.

Feeding is feedin and drink from a cup only addition to it.

The special children's cupneprolivayka can be very convenient for the kid at this age you can get a special children's cupneprolivayku.

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And for someone

And for someone Yura with the grandmother approach to the screen and consider ware on a table plate with soup, a glass, a ju a decanter, a saltcellar, two rolls of bread.

The senior children see any more only plates, a saltcellar and bread.

How many the person will have dinner Children in a picture three, but after all someone to them soup pours, someone's hand sideways is seen.

And for someone it is prepared still one plate.

And why children on us, the audience, look Perhaps, creaked at a door and they turned back to look, who it is unexpected entered into their room How many years to children how it seems to you Let's look attentively whether there are on the picture live beings Is, certainly the motley butterfly sits on a bunch of flowers, and here one more.

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We really

We reallyReactions of adultsMany parents not always know how to react to acts and some actions of the children.

When we face problems, we react in three different ways.

We pretend that happened nothing.

We define the enemy and we attack.

We really look at a situation, we try to get to the bottom of the truth, we take decisive steps for adoption of the constructive decision.

The first way creates the victims, the second winners, and the third the sensitive and responsible people aspiring to development and training.

To start to supervise the reaction and to learn to trace the relationship with the child, the patience, cooperation and ability to make a compromise is necessary.

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