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It in us is huge, tre continuous

It in us is huge, tre continuous means, a private property asthat should not be – Yes.

But Indians had no private property before origin egoiz.

It and now at them at very low stage of development.

I am familiar with these on childbirth – a little bit observed them in Canada.

And we are today at the peak of development of egoism.

It in us is huge, tre continuous individual saturation, contrary to and even in the evil to all.

I on that I am higher than others.

The worse to another, the better I feel.

At this stage we should create society in which I would feel that everything belongs to all, includin and I belong to all, instead of.

There should not be in me nothing such that I could call personal I, andonly we and only ours.

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More often

More often At the age of months the child can be offered wheaten porridge.


When the muscular press between a gullet and a stomach completely is not closed, occurs stomach contents in a gullet.

More often the reflux arises in lying situation.

Children aged till one year often have this illness.

Reception of medicines can reduce the discomfort connected with refby luxury.

In certain cases change a condition carrying out operation can only.

Obstructive in a dream.

The increased palatal almonds or can close a gleam of the top respiratory ways in a dream.

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Fading of a parental

Fading of a parental Certainly,not all mothers and fathers are ready so samootver MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONzhenno to work for the benefit of the child as it madeCecile Lupan.

Nevertheless it gave thoughinitial lesson of education young and futureto mothers, after all for a long time it is proved that the personality is formedin a womb of mother.

Fading of a parental initiative one of problemstoday about which with alarm speakexperts in work with a family.

It consistsin that modern parents at the bestare inclined education and education of thechild to other people, let and competent.

Sharetime devoted to family communication, tooit is small, because of what the continuity of traditions is losthouse education, and therefore questions of the pedagogicalcultures lie out of the sphere of interests of parents.

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NATURAL ALTERNATIVESThe following article is a fragment from Doreen Vyorche's book Care of Indigo children.

It is printed with the permission of the author.

NATURAL ALTERNATIVES RITALINA Doreen Vyorche By estimates of the sociologists, about six million American children accept today psychotropic preparations from DVGA , a depression and other frustration of nervous system and mentality.

In New South Wales in Australia every thirty sixth boy accepts Ritalin.

Ritalin became the most chastonaznachayemy medical preparation for children.

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It is necessary

It is necessaryOne of the ways removing stress, forgiveness.

The forgiveness reduces intensity and promotes patience development.

Ability to forgive is a fine quality to which can learn.

It is necessary to forgive not only those who caused or continues to cause you pain and inconveniences in life, but it is necessary to learn to forgive anditself.

Too big insistence to itself can prevent to feel to you the child and to force you to be too strict and exacting parent.

In such condition it is possible to pass the moment when your child will be in great need especially in you.

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