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It is the integral

It is the integralAvoid dangerous situations.

Household garbage are extremely curious.

It is the integral line of their age.

Such curiosity can sometimes afflict you, for example, if the child pours out contents of a cat's toilet on a floor or will become interested in a dog bowl.

Children love footwear of adults.

To keep tranquillity such minutes, know that the kid does it not because of overindulgence, and only in the research purposes.

The child wants to receive more information on surrounding subjects.

It is very important, that curiosity did not result in danger.

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Prevention. Be attentive

Prevention. Be attentive Do not use a prygunka if the weight of the child exceeds the values specified in the maintenance instruction.

Other reason on which it is necessary to stop use of prygunok this independent circulation of the kid.

The child has almost boundless freedom of movement, and to it becomes uninteresting to spend time in prygunka.


Be attentive at placement of prygunok.

Do not place them near a ladder opened by a door, furniture.

Be convinced that a lintel to which you attach prygunka, The th WEEK to sustain mass of prygunok together with mass of the child.

Do not leave the kid without supervision.

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And all the time

And all the time I assume that it will be higher than initial and final points of our development within this Universe, it is level will be higher than our Universe.

Disclosure of the nature of good – Who establishes rules in this integrated global game which can be realized on the Internet – Ourselves.

Game also is in it that it practically without rules.

And these rules we playin also create.

We together postepenbut accept them, we approve, we correct.

And all the time we improve, we change, is a live system.

We after all pose as integrated community.

And in it we define on ourselves, what laws, rules of behavior should be observed by us in order that all of us as gears, turned – functioned in the most optimum way, providing the maximum comfort the friend Wad Dra .

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So, I believed

So, I believed Never I felt such happy, as that day when learned that is pregnant it.

And then I at last addressed to God for to It children conduct us.

And a kogdadochurka pulled out from my hands, the world what I knew it, it was scattered in ashes.

I as if appeared in the foreign land, but knew that should store communication good luck as in his hands now there was my girl.

So, I believed that everything will be as it should be, and opened embraces one and a half years later to accept Abigal.

I again learned happiness.

The daughter helped me to return belief, taught how to open heart and to continue a way.

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Pay attention, how his face, as it grows

Pay attention, how his face, as it grows Itself it too in a condition to protect.

Somehow parents summer Timur found on a table a note.

Clumsy handwriting the first grader in it the following was written Why you offended child The child is a shrine! The child with a Down syndrome in this sense is helpless.

It obedient slave to sad circumstances.

Pay attention, how his face, as it grows stiff, as expression hopeless and burdensome stiffens on it bewilderment.

For it the conflict in the house – a deadlock, hopeless situation.

It climbs under a table or hides in the corner, and if habitually goes to the the world, having abstracted from all and all it is even worse.

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