Certainly, all parents

Certainly, all parents Even if to acceptas an axiom that abilities of the person on MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATION % congenital, it mean that the childshould reach at least level of theparents.

If parents did not manage to bring upso that it surpassed the childthem though a little, means, they wereare lazy.

The pupil should surpass the teacher otherwise progress is impossible.

Certainly,all parents want, that the child wasbetter, more successful them.

Even if abilitiesparents are insignificant, their children canto make progresses in any area humanactivity.

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To splash

To splashChildren have the thinkin and they communicate with each otherin own way.

There is no place to adult logic.

If parents consider children's quarrelsfrom the point of view of adults to try to persuade them,it is impossible what to fight and that the one who quarrels with others, bad, the child only will become reservedalso will become angry.

To splash the child it is possible, only while it stillit is small.

However by years it can become selfishand almost uncontrollable.

And then parents beginto straighten out the child.

They abuse it, punish,when it does something wronalso turn suddenly from adorers into strict nurses,though at this stage of development it any more does not givenotable results.

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It is meant

It is meant It is necessary to teach parents it is correct to communicate with the kid on the one hand to help, with another to create situations in which the child will be compelled to use speech.

It is meant that to talk to the child all relatives who will see off with it should most part of time; for the organization of speech communication any possible should be used situation in a life, during games and occupations, campaigns in shop or on a visit and so forth; relatives together with the logopedist watch progress in development of speech and change requirements according to new possibilities of the child.

Certain requirements to speech of people around child of adults As skill of speech is formed at the child on imitation, it is necessary, that speech of surrounding adults was correct, could become a standard.

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At the Soviet

At the Soviet And it is unimportant, who as to a post sings, – there is socalled a guarantee condition at which all depend on all.

That is everyone is responsible for all and from anybody not sprashiva separately.

Constantly explaining to people where we are and to what trap got, on kazyvy to them that we have now no other exit, we will create such educational system which will make the person another.

And here voluntary or we will create necessarily – depends on need.

At the Soviet power guarantee condition it could not be carried out, because it was spread by will of party.

Communists, Lenin tried osushche Marxist ideas in the most backward EuropeanAsian country in which for only some tens years the serfdom before was cancelled.

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Why it is impossible

Why it is impossible I think, we can everythin simply it seems to us that we can not.

Anybody from us here is not present, all of us as if a dream.

You can touch a thing only because think, as if it firm.

I forgot to fly.

I know that I can, but in this body I do not remember, weightless.

Why it is impossible to think, what you are somewhere, and at once to appear there We are capable to do it, I simply do not remember as.

Why I cannot make so that this subject disappeared If I want, that the subject disappeared, it should disappear.

All this was told by the child who did not have access to metaphysical knowledge, the paranormal phenomena and volume to similar things.

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Probably, the child

Probably, the child For example, waking up in the mornings, ask the child that to it dreamed and that these dreams mean for it.


Instead of interpreting dreams from the point of view of the adult, wait that the child will tell.

During the day speak not only about physical reality, but also about the spiritual.

For example, it is possible to notice aloud that today your grounding is similar to a dark blue wood root, therefore, your energy is strong and joyful.

Probably, the child will tell to you, what color its groundin probably, will not tell it has no special value.

Be sure that he will try to check, whether that you spoke is true! Sitting down in the car, it is possible to consult to the child, what color it is necessary it to give groundin that the trip to shop became safer.

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