At first

At first To fasten and untie small knots, bows, plaits Development of thin movements of fingers of hands.

In such games the thick are used ropes, cords, ribbons, bunches of threads.

At first it is better to offer the child more simple actions to untie bows, to unplait the hair from cords, to untangle not hardly the tightened knots use a silk rope knots on it are easier untied.

Skills of setting of knots, bows, weaving of plaits, etc.

demand the special training and long trainin they become available to children in the preschool age.

To unbutton and clasp flypapers, buttons and buttons, hooks, lightnings Development of thin movements of fingers of hands, differentiation of movements of fingers hands.

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It is good, if you prepared

It is good, if you prepared At first you have enough to do of it under words Lyalyalya, and then already under music.

Then, when possibility will be presented, organize this game with other children.

Your child will participate in it with the others.

Many families arrange holidays for children.

There are also general holidays, such as New year when morning performances and firtrees will be organized.

It is good, if you prepared in advance the children, playing with them houses.

In the general games and dances it is not obligatory to move all group, here children can go, run, dance on one, without construction.

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Ask to show, where

Ask to show, where Please, show.

Arrange before the kid some acquaintances to it toys.

Ask to show, where are a doll, a ball, the car.

If the child finds it difficult to show the called subject, take a subject in hands and several times call it.

Repeat game again and again.

DEVELOPMENT STAGESI WEEKPhysical development independently costs with insignificant support the violations of a night dream connected with development of skill of an independent rising Sense organs and reflexes are possible takes very small subjects, using big and index fingers freely transfers a subject to other person Intellectual development actively repeats actions of other people understands words and the phrases turned to it Social development likes to play with water prefers one of several toys publishes sounds for drawing attention can wave with a hand at farewell I WEEKPhysical development independently goes with support of both hands Sense organs and reflexes gives visible preference to the right or left hand Intellectual development can look for a subject if sees how it hid Social development shows various emotions, such, as chagrin, pleasure, a rage, grief repeats a mimicry of adults simulates sounds enjoys various variations of hideandseek independently eats some types of foodI WEEKPhysical development independently sits down from vertical situation Sense organs and reflexes Intellectual development reacts to cheerful, rhythmical music can repeat the same word, answering them any set question Social development repeats syllables starts to perceive itselfI WEEKPhysical development can independently rise on feet without support Sense organs and reflexes can hold two small subjects in one hand Intellectual development the subject which was gone from a field of vision, starts to look for behind the back there is an interest to combination of subjects, such, as loose leaves and a framework of Montes Social development draws to itself attention and with pleasure communicates with familiar people is afraid of new places can eat independently a dish calculated on food by means of hands Montessori Maria the Italian teacher, developed methods of development of sense organs at degy preschool and younger school age.

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By means of special

By means of special The breath purpose disposal of exchange products carbon dioxide and saturation of fabrics and cages organism oxygen.

By means of special the technician of breath for example, in yoga, in gymnastics the chi kung is possible not only to affect a condition of the healthy person, internal to power of an organism but also to reach special conditions of consciousness.

However thus it is necessary to remember dangers if exercises are carried out incorrectly, the congenital reflex of breath can appear is irreversible broken that is harmful it will be reflected on health of the person as a whole.

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Walking practises

Walking practises Sometimes can talk a little for a doll of the child, having pushed him to game.

The child represents a doggie, and you chickens, and doggie disperses these small chickens.

Children usually very much are inspired and rejoice to such game.

Walking practises outdoor games at children of younger group on nosochka.

They quicker, than twoyear children, master the content of game, become more confident in all the movements, independently satisfy a condition and rules of the game, need the direct help of the adult less.

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Grease lips

Grease lips What to do.

To prevent disease possibility a herpetic infection it is possible an exception of communication with patients with herpes with people.

Do not allow the people having herpes of lips or a mouth, to kiss the child! If infection of the kid already occurred, actions offered by us can facilitate his condition.

Offer the kid cool drinks.

It will reduce discomfort at the expense of switching by new feelings.

Try to constrain the kid from combing and a vskryvaniye of vials.

Grease lips of the kid with zinc ointment before walks it will help to prevent infection.

After consultation of the pediatrist give to the child or an ibuprofen.

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