Such consequence

Such consequence You do not want to be engaged Go home! a broad gesture I specify on door.

Well is not present! For anything! It is better to make over itself effort, to try, and that indeed it is necessary to leave.

The child concedes to requirements not because is afraid of punishment, mother will abuse.

Such consequence of its unseemly acts – besides the remote – meanwhile does not come to it mind.

It will make anythin will satisfy any request for other, much more important reason – if communication with the teacher if he feels in it the friend, without is interesting to it which cannot manage any more.

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Certainly, nobody

Certainly, nobodyWhen there will be a question of a choice of toys, remember,Spock that simple toys the best convinces.

For example, it is not necessary to hurry to buy to the kidthe toy railway with rails and trains the set is much more interesting to it from woodenblocks with castors of which it is possible to makeboth a train, and the truck with the trailer after all so to playmuch more cheerfully.

Certainly, nobody says that expensivetoys are not necessary, simply for them did not come yettime.

It is better to provide at first the child suchtoys which can awaken its interestand the imagination and then to add more difficult proceedingfrom the possibilities.

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Can happen

Can happen If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the pediatrist.

Do not abuse a word it is impossible At the age of months of the child all subjects surrounding it interest.

He tries to point a finger to you that you gave it interesting its subject.

Can happen so that the subject which the kid wants to receive, is dangerous to it, and you refuse to the child.

Certainly, the child to know a word it should is impossible, but it is not necessary to use it several times in a row.

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Weight, ganrack

Weight, ganrackThe azure of forgiveness is rare, crimson dyes of anger and a cart are frequent mushcheniye.

How bigger understanding is demanded by educationgroups of children, it is so easier to run here into a mistakecharges and offenses!One small, weak and that tires, edinichny offenses and that annoy; and as it is annoyin persuasivealso the crowd is inscrutable in the reactions!Understand at last not children, and crowd.

Weight, ganrack not children.

You got used to thought that you stron and suddenly chuv itself small and weak.

Crowd, this giantwith big gross weight and the sum of enormous experience,rallies in solidary repulse, breaks up ontens pairs of legs and hands the heads, each of which concealsother thoughts and intimate desires.

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It is the integral

It is the integralAvoid dangerous situations.

Household garbage are extremely curious.

It is the integral line of their age.

Such curiosity can sometimes afflict you, for example, if the child pours out contents of a cat's toilet on a floor or will become interested in a dog bowl.

Children love footwear of adults.

To keep tranquillity such minutes, know that the kid does it not because of overindulgence, and only in the research purposes.

The child wants to receive more information on surrounding subjects.

It is very important, that curiosity did not result in danger.

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Prevention. Be attentive

Prevention. Be attentive Do not use a prygunka if the weight of the child exceeds the values specified in the maintenance instruction.

Other reason on which it is necessary to stop use of prygunok this independent circulation of the kid.

The child has almost boundless freedom of movement, and to it becomes uninteresting to spend time in prygunka.


Be attentive at placement of prygunok.

Do not place them near a ladder opened by a door, furniture.

Be convinced that a lintel to which you attach prygunka, The th WEEK to sustain mass of prygunok together with mass of the child.

Do not leave the kid without supervision.

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