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Moreover, it becomes

Moreover, it becomes On the contrary, all these parts incorporate for children in a single whole which life is called.

So day after day ucheni find knowledge of the world and of, really razviva and enjoying each step on this way.

Probably, the beginning of this seems to you utopian, odes I on a personal experience can testify when before us the real, integral model vosa food appears, we suddenly find out that nevozmozhthe foot in it is not present anything.

Moreover, it becomes clear that we can, and in fact, should build such future for our children.

Allow me to develop before you a picture of education what it are seen by an integrated technique, – education, kotoa swarm will really prepare children for happy life.

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When we come

When we come Coming back home, they do not cry now, and sing and with pleasure tell me about how passed day.

The first that shook me it is a request of teacher Mag that I bought daughters pair of rubber boots and brought in school a set of replaceable clothes.

When I asked why, the teacher answered We often go to walk on the nature, and I got used to allow to potter to children in pools.

Thus they are soiled.

When we come back to a class, kids need to change clothes.

Really someone allows my child to be a child The following shock expected me, when nineyear son Nat approached to me and with burning eyes declared Mother, all children in my class same as I, and I play with all! Big business! you will tell, and for me these words sounded as marvelous music for at old school on this boy constantly hung up offensive labels, avoided it, boycotted and let know that it is worse than others.

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