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At Kolya the affairs, and presence

They to it are uninterestin it does not occupy, who they are that do here, in a room.At Kolya the affairs, and presence of these strangers no more than an annoying hindrance, to it after all it is necessary to be engaged, it the darling brought the book about Potap, and Romain too for some reason rushes about, there is no it nearby on a habitual place.And that they here were So it was always good silently, quietly.Having come to filming in a magnificent striped sweater, connected the grandmother and put on for the first time, Kolya sits down on a sofa, pulls out from book package, writingbook, our selfmade abcbook.

When I asked

And towering over egoism, a system over it an altruistic superstructure, we rise above the nature and hundred people.In the nature there is no level of people.As to the psychologist it is known to you, and biolo and geneticists will confirm it.The person is that ourselves create in ourselves.Therefore stages of development of the person in each of us are very interesting.When I asked the teacher about this possibility, he answered Yes, hundred in brief to write down the main finds in itself.It will give the chance to you to learn better than.Then you will see that you passed in a year or some years.

Their learning

Many children with pleasure learn verses and willingly on time tell them to relatives and acquaintances.It is fine mode of work with difficult words.Repeating verses, children repeatedly these words say, and your task to watch that they told them everything more purely and more purely.The more verses, the better.Their learning is useful in all relations.We do not imagine, as it is possible to raise and train the child without books.And when it is a question of training of the child with a Down syndrome, work over the book gains absolutely special value and borrows in this process special place.

From a year

Bed of the child,in an ideal, should stand in a separate room.If MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONit is impossible, it is necessary to fence off its bed a screenor curtain.Probably, the child will cry,but, having seen that nobody reacts, will calm down.It is important to keep from a temptation to enter into the nursery,to check, whether all with it as it should be.Then duringseveral days the kid will cry ever lessalso will gradually get used to go to bed in the certaintime.From a year to three years independence and activity.The oneyearold kid already starts to realizeitself, the desires and aspirations.It begins more oftento speak no on proposals of adults.

From the moment

Here poche Review of numerous researches in this areaHotellin B., & Humenick, S.Advancing normal birth Organizations,goals, and research.Journal of Perinatal Education, , it is so important, that, despite difficulties, mother passed this process consciously as far as it is possible.From the moment of the birth the baby should exist out of mother, turning in more and more independent individuality.At the same time, for optimum development to it at to get to refuse this independence, again and again coming back to a parent breast to receive from it all physical and mental components necessary for it in the first years of life.

There will

if I sit in the bunker on everything in advance prepared up to iskusstvenny climate on one thousand years to the person it seems that it is immortal, II will test all the same the contrast to a uniform integrated field.Because inside I did not change myself in compliance to it.And no bunker will help me.My animal body will give straall the same.There will be new conditions which will destroy me, let's escape in any incubator, any cover.Because I do not correspond vnutrennot – on the parameters, aspirations, on the properties – segodnyashto it to integrated tsunami approaching on me.

Certainly, all parents

Even if to acceptas an axiom that abilities of the person on MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATION % congenital, it mean that the childshould reach at least level of theparents.If parents did not manage to bring upso that it surpassed the childthem though a little, means, they wereare lazy.The pupil should surpass the teacher otherwise progress is impossible.Certainly,all parents want, that the child wasbetter, more successful them.Even if abilitiesparents are insignificant, their children canto make progresses in any area humanactivity.

To splash

Children have the thinkin and they communicate with each otherin own way.There is no place to adult logic.If parents consider children's quarrelsfrom the point of view of adults to try to persuade them,it is impossible what to fight and that the one who quarrels with others, bad, the child only will become reservedalso will become angry.To splash the child it is possible, only while it stillit is small.However by years it can become selfishand almost uncontrollable.And then parents beginto straighten out the child.They abuse it, punish,when it does something wronalso turn suddenly from adorers into strict nurses,though at this stage of development it any more does not givenotable results.

It is meant

It is necessary to teach parents it is correct to communicate with the kid on the one hand to help, with another to create situations in which the child will be compelled to use speech.It is meant that to talk to the child all relatives who will see off with it should most part of time; for the organization of speech communication any possible should be used situation in a life, during games and occupations, campaigns in shop or on a visit and so forth; relatives together with the logopedist watch progress in development of speech and change requirements according to new possibilities of the child.Certain requirements to speech of people around child of adults As skill of speech is formed at the child on imitation, it is necessary, that speech of surrounding adults was correct, could become a standard.

At the Soviet

And it is unimportant, who as to a post sings, – there is socalled a guarantee condition at which all depend on all.That is everyone is responsible for all and from anybody not sprashiva separately.Constantly explaining to people where we are and to what trap got, on kazyvy to them that we have now no other exit, we will create such educational system which will make the person another.And here voluntary or we will create necessarily – depends on need.At the Soviet power guarantee condition it could not be carried out, because it was spread by will of party.Communists, Lenin tried osushche Marxist ideas in the most backward EuropeanAsian country in which for only some tens years the serfdom before was cancelled.

Why it is impossible

I think, we can everythin simply it seems to us that we can not.Anybody from us here is not present, all of us as if a dream.You can touch a thing only because think, as if it firm.I forgot to fly.I know that I can, but in this body I do not remember, weightless.Why it is impossible to think, what you are somewhere, and at once to appear there We are capable to do it, I simply do not remember as.Why I cannot make so that this subject disappeared If I want, that the subject disappeared, it should disappear.All this was told by the child who did not have access to metaphysical knowledge, the paranormal phenomena and volume to similar things.

Probably, the child

For example, waking up in the mornings, ask the child that to it dreamed and that these dreams mean for it.Listen.Instead of interpreting dreams from the point of view of the adult, wait that the child will tell.During the day speak not only about physical reality, but also about the spiritual.For example, it is possible to notice aloud that today your grounding is similar to a dark blue wood root, therefore, your energy is strong and joyful.Probably, the child will tell to you, what color its groundin probably, will not tell it has no special value.Be sure that he will try to check, whether that you spoke is true! Sitting down in the car, it is possible to consult to the child, what color it is necessary it to give groundin that the trip to shop became safer.

At first

To fasten and untie small knots, bows, plaits Development of thin movements of fingers of hands.In such games the thick are used ropes, cords, ribbons, bunches of threads.At first it is better to offer the child more simple actions to untie bows, to unplait the hair from cords, to untangle not hardly the tightened knots use a silk rope knots on it are easier untied.Skills of setting of knots, bows, weaving of plaits, etc.demand the special training and long trainin they become available to children in the preschool age.To unbutton and clasp flypapers, buttons and buttons, hooks, lightnings Development of thin movements of fingers of hands, differentiation of movements of fingers hands.

It is good, if you prepared

At first you have enough to do of it under words Lyalyalya, and then already under music.Then, when possibility will be presented, organize this game with other children.Your child will participate in it with the others.Many families arrange holidays for children.There are also general holidays, such as New year when morning performances and firtrees will be organized.It is good, if you prepared in advance the children, playing with them houses.In the general games and dances it is not obligatory to move all group, here children can go, run, dance on one, without construction.

Ask to show, where

Please, show.Arrange before the kid some acquaintances to it toys.Ask to show, where are a doll, a ball, the car.If the child finds it difficult to show the called subject, take a subject in hands and several times call it.Repeat game again and again.DEVELOPMENT STAGESI WEEKPhysical development independently costs with insignificant support the violations of a night dream connected with development of skill of an independent rising Sense organs and reflexes are possible takes very small subjects, using big and index fingers freely transfers a subject to other person Intellectual development actively repeats actions of other people understands words and the phrases turned to it Social development likes to play with water prefers one of several toys publishes sounds for drawing attention can wave with a hand at farewell I WEEKPhysical development independently goes with support of both hands Sense organs and reflexes gives visible preference to the right or left hand Intellectual development can look for a subject if sees how it hid Social development shows various emotions, such, as chagrin, pleasure, a rage, grief repeats a mimicry of adults simulates sounds enjoys various variations of hideandseek independently eats some types of foodI WEEKPhysical development independently sits down from vertical situation Sense organs and reflexes Intellectual development reacts to cheerful, rhythmical music can repeat the same word, answering them any set question Social development repeats syllables starts to perceive itselfI WEEKPhysical development can independently rise on feet without support Sense organs and reflexes can hold two small subjects in one hand Intellectual development the subject which was gone from a field of vision, starts to look for behind the back there is an interest to combination of subjects, such, as loose leaves and a framework of Montes Social development draws to itself attention and with pleasure communicates with familiar people is afraid of new places can eat independently a dish calculated on food by means of hands Montessori Maria the Italian teacher, developed methods of development of sense organs at degy preschool and younger school age.

By means of special

The breath purpose disposal of exchange products carbon dioxide and saturation of fabrics and cages organism oxygen.By means of special the technician of breath for example, in yoga, in gymnastics the chi kung is possible not only to affect a condition of the healthy person, internal to power of an organism but also to reach special conditions of consciousness.However thus it is necessary to remember dangers if exercises are carried out incorrectly, the congenital reflex of breath can appear is irreversible broken that is harmful it will be reflected on health of the person as a whole.

Walking practises

Sometimes can talk a little for a doll of the child, having pushed him to game.The child represents a doggie, and you chickens, and doggie disperses these small chickens.Children usually very much are inspired and rejoice to such game.Walking practises outdoor games at children of younger group on nosochka.They quicker, than twoyear children, master the content of game, become more confident in all the movements, independently satisfy a condition and rules of the game, need the direct help of the adult less.

Grease lips

What to do.To prevent disease possibility a herpetic infection it is possible an exception of communication with patients with herpes with people.Do not allow the people having herpes of lips or a mouth, to kiss the child! If infection of the kid already occurred, actions offered by us can facilitate his condition.Offer the kid cool drinks.It will reduce discomfort at the expense of switching by new feelings.Try to constrain the kid from combing and a vskryvaniye of vials.Grease lips of the kid with zinc ointment before walks it will help to prevent infection.After consultation of the pediatrist give to the child or an ibuprofen.

Beauty of a word, on belief

Feelin worryingbeauty seen and heard, childrenperceived the thinnest shades of a word, and throughword the beauty was included into their soul.Century SukhomlinskyJ MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONKnowledge fine, pleasure experience in communicationwith its creation enrich the person, multiplyits forces, in many respects define outlook.After all the outlook is based not only on the sumknowledge, but also on moral and esthetic, emotionalthe world of the person, including on feelingthe fine.Beauty of a word, on belief of the teacher, brightestit is embodied in poetry.Admiring the poemor songs, children as though hear word music.

It was the genius, not smaller

– Tell in brief that you know about perception of reality from the point of view of psychology, and I – from the point of view of the specialty.– It is the whole section of the general psychology in which for the last years big discoveries were made.Especially during operations during the Second World War and after it.Then, strangely enough, there were such large openin as the theory of a psychological field of Curt Levin.It was the genius, not smaller than Freud.But the majority of people removed its theory and continue to live still.

I arrive so in all similar

And here when invented by it the scheme, the main framework , I start to set to it questions why the birthday man did not begin to blow itself on candles that presented to it Vanya, what else there were gifts.I arrive so in all similar cases whether the child dictates the letter or the diary, whether tells own fairy tale let at first as follows will retell the main matter.Otherwise both my questions, and its answers everything will roll in an incoherent speech stream.Vanya with grandmother Tamila and the aunt Veronica went to France and visited Lourdes a curative Lurdsky source a pilgrimage place disabled people from all over the world.

St WEEK Clothes

Yogurt can play an important role as an intermediate product upon transition from liquid food to more dense.For achievement of salutary result it is not so obligatory to give to the kid yogurt in large numbers.Several teaspoons simple not enriched fruit, starch, sugars yogurt in day will be quite enough.Try, maybe, the kid will like this WEEK Clothes on a case of cold weather For walks during cold weather the warm winter jacket is necessary to the child.The winter jacket should have a hood which is clasping under a chin.

Years At this

Make together plans for holiday, instead of solve everything in an individual order.The teenager receives a vote in such discussions.Mutual respect, the attentive relation to thoughts and representations is very important point during this period.Together with a vote as the adult, the teenager receives both adult loading and responsibility.From it now as from the adult equal in rights, all members of the family expect and demand performance of a certain activity and care of the house and an economy.years At this age in a brain there is a clear split of visual zones of the right and left hemispheres.The right eye starts to collect information, and percent transfer it perekrestno in the left half of a brain.

On walk when

Can use for this purpose a cradle or a carriage.The kachaniye as they help to relax are necessary for kids and favorably influence formation of system of adaptation, help to balance a vestibular mechanism.Many kids perfectly fall asleep in a shaking carriage.On walk when the carriage jumps up and it is shaken on all hummocks and roughnesses, the kid feels excellently and peacefully sleeps, snuffling.It is necessary to you to stop, the kid wakes up.From a year to two yearsAge features of children of the second year of life The child of this age masters a mimicry.He will watch closely expression of faces of surrounding adults and to try to imitate of.

Moreover, it becomes

On the contrary, all these parts incorporate for children in a single whole which life is called.So day after day ucheni find knowledge of the world and of, really razviva and enjoying each step on this way.Probably, the beginning of this seems to you utopian, odes I on a personal experience can testify when before us the real, integral model vosa food appears, we suddenly find out that nevozmozhthe foot in it is not present anything.Moreover, it becomes clear that we can, and in fact, should build such future for our children.Allow me to develop before you a picture of education what it are seen by an integrated technique, – education, kotoa swarm will really prepare children for happy life.

When we come

Coming back home, they do not cry now, and sing and with pleasure tell me about how passed day.The first that shook me it is a request of teacher Mag that I bought daughters pair of rubber boots and brought in school a set of replaceable clothes.When I asked why, the teacher answered We often go to walk on the nature, and I got used to allow to potter to children in pools.Thus they are soiled.When we come back to a class, kids need to change clothes.Really someone allows my child to be a child The following shock expected me, when nineyear son Nat approached to me and with burning eyes declared Mother, all children in my class same as I, and I play with all! Big business! you will tell, and for me these words sounded as marvelous music for at old school on this boy constantly hung up offensive labels, avoided it, boycotted and let know that it is worse than others.

To it did not suffice

And here hundred times one and the same you drive in and any effect! Does not consult.The child consulted the teacher did not consult.To it did not suffice patience and knowledge.It trains children according to once and for all fulfilled scheme.But we should not adjust the child to system, what fine it was.On the contrary, we focus system specifically on each pupil, in particular if it is the child with a Down syndrome.Training is process, it lasts in time.For the child with a syndrome Down is not present and there can not be concrete terms.

If the kid was interested

Help the kid to hold a cup and watch how he drinks.If the kid was interested by process and he willingly tries to master it, give the chance to it to practise daily this difficult business for it.Remember that it is not necessary to be zealous excessively.Do not try to give to the child from a cup the decanted chest milk or a nutritious mix.Feeding is feedin and drink from a cup only addition to it.The special children's cupneprolivayka can be very convenient for the kid at this age you can get a special children's cupneprolivayku.

And for someone

Yura with the grandmother approach to the screen and consider ware on a table plate with soup, a glass, a ju a decanter, a saltcellar, two rolls of bread.The senior children see any more only plates, a saltcellar and bread.How many the person will have dinner Children in a picture three, but after all someone to them soup pours, someone's hand sideways is seen.And for someone it is prepared still one plate.And why children on us, the audience, look Perhaps, creaked at a door and they turned back to look, who it is unexpected entered into their room How many years to children how it seems to you Let's look attentively whether there are on the picture live beings Is, certainly the motley butterfly sits on a bunch of flowers, and here one more.

We really

Reactions of adultsMany parents not always know how to react to acts and some actions of the children.When we face problems, we react in three different ways.We pretend that happened nothing.We define the enemy and we attack.We really look at a situation, we try to get to the bottom of the truth, we take decisive steps for adoption of the constructive decision.The first way creates the victims, the second winners, and the third the sensitive and responsible people aspiring to development and training.To start to supervise the reaction and to learn to trace the relationship with the child, the patience, cooperation and ability to make a compromise is necessary.

It in us is huge, tre continuous

means, a private property asthat should not be – Yes.But Indians had no private property before origin egoiz.It and now at them at very low stage of development.I am familiar with these on childbirth – a little bit observed them in Canada.And we are today at the peak of development of egoism.It in us is huge, tre continuous individual saturation, contrary to and even in the evil to all.I on that I am higher than others.The worse to another, the better I feel.At this stage we should create society in which I would feel that everything belongs to all, includin and I belong to all, instead of.There should not be in me nothing such that I could call personal I, andonly we and only ours.

More often

At the age of months the child can be offered wheaten porridge.Reflux.When the muscular press between a gullet and a stomach completely is not closed, occurs stomach contents in a gullet.More often the reflux arises in lying situation.Children aged till one year often have this illness.Reception of medicines can reduce the discomfort connected with refby luxury.In certain cases change a condition carrying out operation can only.Obstructive in a dream.The increased palatal almonds or can close a gleam of the top respiratory ways in a dream.

Fading of a parental

Certainly,not all mothers and fathers are ready so samootver MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONzhenno to work for the benefit of the child as it madeCecile Lupan.Nevertheless it gave thoughinitial lesson of education young and futureto mothers, after all for a long time it is proved that the personality is formedin a womb of mother.Fading of a parental initiative one of problemstoday about which with alarm speakexperts in work with a family.It consistsin that modern parents at the bestare inclined education and education of thechild to other people, let and competent.Sharetime devoted to family communication, tooit is small, because of what the continuity of traditions is losthouse education, and therefore questions of the pedagogicalcultures lie out of the sphere of interests of parents.


The following article is a fragment from Doreen Vyorche's book Care of Indigo children.It is printed with the permission of the author.NATURAL ALTERNATIVES RITALINA Doreen Vyorche By estimates of the sociologists, about six million American children accept today psychotropic preparations from DVGA , a depression and other frustration of nervous system and mentality.In New South Wales in Australia every thirty sixth boy accepts Ritalin.Ritalin became the most chastonaznachayemy medical preparation for children.

It is necessary

One of the ways removing stress, forgiveness.The forgiveness reduces intensity and promotes patience development.Ability to forgive is a fine quality to which can learn.It is necessary to forgive not only those who caused or continues to cause you pain and inconveniences in life, but it is necessary to learn to forgive anditself.Too big insistence to itself can prevent to feel to you the child and to force you to be too strict and exacting parent.In such condition it is possible to pass the moment when your child will be in great need especially in you.

What to do. Be attentive

Such consequence

You do not want to be engaged Go home! a broad gesture I specify on door.Well is not present! For anything! It is better to make over itself effort, to try, and that indeed it is necessary to leave.The child concedes to requirements not because is afraid of punishment, mother will abuse.Such consequence of its unseemly acts – besides the remote – meanwhile does not come to it mind.It will make anythin will satisfy any request for other, much more important reason – if communication with the teacher if he feels in it the friend, without is interesting to it which cannot manage any more.

Certainly, nobody

When there will be a question of a choice of toys, remember,Spock that simple toys the best convinces.For example, it is not necessary to hurry to buy to the kidthe toy railway with rails and trains the set is much more interesting to it from woodenblocks with castors of which it is possible to makeboth a train, and the truck with the trailer after all so to playmuch more cheerfully.Certainly, nobody says that expensivetoys are not necessary, simply for them did not come yettime.It is better to provide at first the child suchtoys which can awaken its interestand the imagination and then to add more difficult proceedingfrom the possibilities.

Can happen

If you are concerned rates of development of the kid, discuss it with the pediatrist.Do not abuse a word it is impossible At the age of months of the child all subjects surrounding it interest.He tries to point a finger to you that you gave it interesting its subject.Can happen so that the subject which the kid wants to receive, is dangerous to it, and you refuse to the child.Certainly, the child to know a word it should is impossible, but it is not necessary to use it several times in a row.

Weight, ganrack

The azure of forgiveness is rare, crimson dyes of anger and a cart are frequent mushcheniye.How bigger understanding is demanded by educationgroups of children, it is so easier to run here into a mistakecharges and offenses!One small, weak and that tires, edinichny offenses and that annoy; and as it is annoyin persuasivealso the crowd is inscrutable in the reactions!Understand at last not children, and crowd.Weight, ganrack not children.You got used to thought that you stron and suddenly chuv itself small and weak.Crowd, this giantwith big gross weight and the sum of enormous experience,rallies in solidary repulse, breaks up ontens pairs of legs and hands the heads, each of which concealsother thoughts and intimate desires.

It is the integral

Avoid dangerous situations.Household garbage are extremely curious.It is the integral line of their age.Such curiosity can sometimes afflict you, for example, if the child pours out contents of a cat's toilet on a floor or will become interested in a dog bowl.Children love footwear of adults.To keep tranquillity such minutes, know that the kid does it not because of overindulgence, and only in the research purposes.The child wants to receive more information on surrounding subjects.It is very important, that curiosity did not result in danger.

Prevention. Be attentive

And all the time

I assume that it will be higher than initial and final points of our development within this Universe, it is level will be higher than our Universe.Disclosure of the nature of good – Who establishes rules in this integrated global game which can be realized on the Internet – Ourselves.Game also is in it that it practically without rules.And these rules we playin also create.We together postepenbut accept them, we approve, we correct.And all the time we improve, we change, is a live system.We after all pose as integrated community.And in it we define on ourselves, what laws, rules of behavior should be observed by us in order that all of us as gears, turned – functioned in the most optimum way, providing the maximum comfort the friend Wad Dra .

So, I believed

Never I felt such happy, as that day when learned that is pregnant it.And then I at last addressed to God for to It children conduct us.And a kogdadochurka pulled out from my hands, the world what I knew it, it was scattered in ashes.I as if appeared in the foreign land, but knew that should store communication good luck as in his hands now there was my girl.So, I believed that everything will be as it should be, and opened embraces one and a half years later to accept Abigal.I again learned happiness.The daughter helped me to return belief, taught how to open heart and to continue a way.

Pay attention, how his face, as it grows

Itself it too in a condition to protect.Somehow parents summer Timur found on a table a note.Clumsy handwriting the first grader in it the following was written Why you offended child The child is a shrine! The child with a Down syndrome in this sense is helpless.It obedient slave to sad circumstances.Pay attention, how his face, as it grows stiff, as expression hopeless and burdensome stiffens on it bewilderment.For it the conflict in the house – a deadlock, hopeless situation.It climbs under a table or hides in the corner, and if habitually goes to the the world, having abstracted from all and all it is even worse.

Arrest of development. Researchers

Where this

Mine.Where this elementary thought feeling is concealed To be mo, merges with the concept I Perhaps, when mlathe denets protests against a zavertyvaniye of hands, he fightsfor them as for mine, instead of for I And taking away from itspoon which it knocks on a table, you deprive of it not, and abilities to give energy output,to express on a special harmony, a soundThis hand not absolutely a hand, and rather obedient spiritAlladina holds a biscuit, having got the new valuableproperty, and the child protects this property.How the concept of a property matches at itwith concept of the increased capacity The onions for the savage werenot only a property, but also improved ruwhich, striking at distance.

And though

How to us to be if we tried to accompany the nature, would win actually.Certainly, it is not thoughtless throwing bones, and having tried to get in integralaching management.And though it contradicts our common sense if we tried to come nearer to it, would see that sometimes costs so on to go, and the prize is thus obvious.– if to take usual traditional game, right there is a stereotype that is competition as a result of which one party wins, and another loses.When you speak about a prize in global, integrated game about what there is a speech In what the purpose and result of this game consists – the purpose consists in to making actions which are in advance doomed to failure.


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